Mission and Vision of Santhigiri Social Research Division

“It is not enough to say that the means for testing knowledge is to experience, observe and experiment, for oneself. The contents of the tests should be compiled, documented, stored and established at the practical level.” NAVAJYOTHISREE KARUNAKARAGURU


Santhigiri Social Research Division is an advanced social research organization setup by the Santhigiri Research Foundation (SRF). This is visualized as an interdisciplinary centre to promote research to establish a sustainably peaceful world order. The spiritual aspects of human life and its interrelationship with the material wellbeing have been given predominant emphasis in our research and programs. The major research areas are as follows:

Spirituality, language, culture and human wellbeing.

Human development (Health & Education).

Environmental studies. Agriculture, allied sectors, and food security.

Institutions and governance

Poverty, inequality, gender and marginalization.

Our Vision

The division will strive for excellence in evidence based research and training for the well-being of people in the world by demonstrating linkages between social, spiritual, economic, political, psychological and physical well-being of the population. The division has a vision for making social science knowledge meaningful to the people and holds the view that in order to achieve this vision, the current divide between expert-based knowledge and lay knowledge has to be bridged. In order to bridge the divide, the institute will undertake studies on themes that will address key problems of the society. The overall vision will facilitate in developing a sustainable society based on the principles of harmony, peace and spirituality.

Our Mission

In order to achieve the vision, the divison will work on themes which will cover focused areas such as health service systems and medical systems, livelihood options of the poor, governance and public policies, and spirituality and culture. It will identify research topics on the above areas given the expertise of the faculty. Some of the research topics will be evolved as larger proposals for external funding and some focused research will be undertaken with institutional support and funding. The divison will also develop action-oriented research with the aim of intervening constructively in the social processes. In addition to conducting empirical research, the division will offer a platform for scholars at various levels and institutions to write research papers which will be hosted as Research Paper Series. The division will strive to evolve policy-oriented papers and iteratively develop discourses on innovative areas and problems affecting the society.

The Social Research Division will have three Institutes in order to carry out the vision and mission:

Santhigiri Social Research Institute (SSRI)

Santhigiri Institute of Culture and Human Development (SICHD)